Top 10 most famous villains in movies

Top 10 most famous villains in movies

Just like the protagonists, the antagonists are an indispensable part of creating the appeal of a movie. Join us to see the Top 10 most famous villains in movies, these are extremely vivid and impressive villain roles, you definitely won’t be able to ignore them.

Top 10 most famous villains in movies

Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) – Joker

Joker is a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Todd Phillips, with a script written by him and screenwriter Scott Silver. The film is based on the original DC Comics comic book, set in 1981 in Gotham City.

The film tells the story of the Joker’s life. It’s Gotham City in 1981, a poor comedian with mental illness tries to assert himself. His life fell into a dark tragedy after fighting off the attackers. This is an extremely successful psychological film because it depicts Joker’s ultimate pain, being forced into a situation where he cannot turn back.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) – Suicide squad – Most famous villains in movies

The character Harley Quinn, played by talented actress Margot Robbie, is one of the most popular and beloved female characters in the DC Cinematic Universe. Not only is she the Joker’s ex-lover, Harley Quinn also makes the audience curious because of her rebellion, madness, and personality that changes through each film.

Harley Quinn appears with a new short hairstyle, fringed sleeves and a pink crop top (or a yellow jumpsuit) paired with a colorful necklace and signature flashy makeup. And Harley didn’t forget her baseball bat either.

Suicide squad
Suicide squad

Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise the Clown) – Spooky Clown

Pennywise the clown is the embodiment of an ancient evil creature. Pennywise’s original form is a giant spider, existing in the Macroverse universe. This creature set foot on earth a long time ago, possesses boundless magical powers, and can change shape into anyone it wants. In the movie, Pennywise transforms into many scary characters in children’s imaginations such as: Zoombie, Headless Man, Doll… sometimes transforming into the victim’s dearest person to manipulate the mind. Surname.

IT – The Spooky Clown revolves around the strong childhood friendship of 7 children in the group The Loser. Those innocent boys and girls are haunted by an evil force in the form of a clown. The movie scene focuses on portraying the horror of the clown Pennywise. He has brought death to the town of Derry for decades. He is everywhere and constantly terrorizes the children. He “plays” on the children’s fears.

Thanos – Avengers 3: Infinity War – Avengers: Infinity War – Most famous villains in movies

Thanos is also known as the Dark Lord (by his most loyal subordinates) and the Mad Titan (by the Galactic community). He is a powerful Titan, ruling a distant land in the universe, and holding in his hands extremely dangerous Chitauri disciples and Outriders. Thanos’ main goal is to collect the entire set of Infinity Stones to exploit the power from the Infinity Gaunlet to destroy the universe. To fulfill this wish, he must collude with Loki and Ronan the Accuser to invade Earth and the planet Xandar.

Avengers Infinity War
Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War opens the story of the mighty enemy of the Avengers, Thanos, who is hunting for infinity stones with ultimate power. If you collect all 6 stones, you will have the ultimate power. could wipe out the entire world. So the superheroes began their journey to find the stones and prevent Thanos from having all 6 stones. However, the battle becomes even more difficult when Thanos has all the infinity stones and begins plotting to wipe out the universe.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – Superhero team

Loki Laufeyson is the biological son of Laufey, ruler of the Frost Giant people in Jotunheim. Immediately after birth, Loki was abandoned for death. Found by Odin – king of Asgard, he was brought to Asgard and raised by the Royal family. Along with Thor, Loki grew up under the care of the Royal Family.

In the Avengers, Loki – Thor’s evil foster brother from the distant planet Asgard, infiltrates SHIELD’s base to capture the Tesseract containing the energy source. infinite. He also plots to lead an army to Earth to annex and enslave humanity. Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., tries to assemble an elite army to protect Earth from Loki’s plots.

Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) – Dark fairy – Most famous villains in movies

Angelina Jolie plays the witch Maleficent, bringing a female villain who exudes thorns but is still heartbreakingly beautiful. In addition to her acting, Jolie’s appearance in the movie caught the audience’s attention. The character is shaped as half good and half evil, both enhancing the beauty of the female star and radiating fear and intimidation to others.

Maleficent is a 2014 fantasy fantasy adventure film directed by Robert Stromberg and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The script was written by Linda Woolverton based on the classic animated film Sleeping Beauty.

Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone) – Cruella

Cruella is a live action prequel to one of the iconic villains, the legendary Cruella de Vil. “Cruella” is set in London in the 1970s and follows the intelligent and creative cleaning lady Estella, determined to make a name for herself with her designs.

She befriends two thieves who appreciate her ambition and mischief and together they make a name for themselves in the London neighborhood. One day, Estella’s fashion acumen caught the eye of Baroness von Hallman, a fashion legend, a luxurious yet intimidating woman. But their relationship leads to events that set Estella on the path to becoming the fashionable but cruel and vengeful Cruella.

Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) – BATES MOSCOW 1 – Most famous villains in movies

As a classic film of the psychological crime and horror genre, Psycho (roughly translated: Psycho) directed by master Alfred Hitchcock has an extremely famous villain, Norman Bates. Norman Bates is the owner of a motel on a deserted road, a psychopath with multiple personalities under the guise of a scholar, always talking about his elderly mother in the house opposite.

Thanks to the desolate location, Norman Bates killed many victims while he himself was a multiple personality and often thought the murderer was someone else, not himself. Psycho is also a movie with a classic bathroom murder scene, haunting many generations of audiences, committed by Norman Bates.

Darth Vader (David Prowse) – Star Wars 5

Belonging to the famous movie line associated with the Pop music era, the movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (roughly translated: Star Wars part 5: The Empire Strikes Back) is one of the excellent movies. This Star Wars movie series.

Star Wars 5
Star Wars 5

In the Star Wars film series, Darth Vader is an extremely famous villain, originally a knight but was drawn to the dark side of the force and became a dictatorial general and the main antagonist of the Star Wars film series. movie line. The character Darth Vader is so famous that in American English idiom the phrase means “evil power”.

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Regan McNeil (Linda Blair) – The Exorcist – Most famous villains in movies

As the scariest horror movie of all time, the movie The Exorcist has an extremely scary villain, the demon Pazuzu who possessed little girl Regan McNeil. This devil is not even afraid of exorcists, wisely attacking their weak point, the person with the weakest faith in God.

The character Regan McNeil, portrayed by Linda Blair and voiced by Mercedes McCambridge, is the last villain in our Top 10 most famous movie villains.

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Above are the Top 10 most famous villains in movies. Hopefully you have found good movies with attractive villains above!