Top 9 best Disney Christmas movies worth watching on Noel

Top 9 best Disney Christmas movies

Christmas is an occasion for the whole family to gather together. This is also a big holiday in the West and quickly spread to Eastern countries. On this day, the family will have a small party together, have fun and watch special movies together. Today, we will introduce to you some of Disney’s best Christmas movies worth watching during the Noel season.

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Top 9 best Disney Christmas movies


Disney movie buffs are certainly no longer unfamiliar with the movie title “Frozen”. The film tells the story of the adventures of the brave and courageous ice princess Anna, who sets out to find her sister Elsa, who is also the queen with ice power, who accidentally froze the entire kingdom.

The Nightmare before Christmas – Best Disney Christmas movies

The film belongs to the musical comedy genre, telling the story of Jack Skellington, the king of the Halloween world, who is fed up with having to wait a whole year and work on exactly one day. When he strayed to Christmas Town, its splendor and sparkle made a strong impression on his heart.

So he decided to convince the residents of the Halloween world to also celebrate Christmas but with a Halloween style. Can that holiday take place or will it become a “Christmas Eve Nightmare?”

The Nightmare before Christmas Best Disney Christmas movies
The Nightmare before Christmas Best Disney Christmas movies

The Muppet Christmas Carol

This is a fantasy film combined with music adapted from the novel A Christmas Carol by writer Charles Dickens and released by Walt Disney. The film tells interesting stories surrounding Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy, stingy and selfish guy who doesn’t feel happy before Christmas Eve. Through many different humorous incidents, he gradually found joy and happiness on this special holiday.

101 Dalmatians – Best Disney Christmas movies

The story begins in London in the 1960s, Pongo – a Dalmatian dog living with his owner, a single musician who likes to smoke pipes named Roger Radcliff. The Dalmatian dog and his owner were sitting in the park “accidentally” meeting Anita and Purdy the Dalmatian dog. Fate brought them together and the two weddings of the owner and the dog took place very happily at the same time.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is a humorous, fun film released in 2018 by Disney. Tells about the journey of two brothers who go to deliver gifts and save Christmas night with Santa Claus when they accidentally damage his sleigh.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Best Disney Christmas movies

Following the success of part 1, part 2 was released in 2020. The main content of the film revolves around the family of little girl Kate, who is having conflicts with her mother’s new relationship. Tried to escape to the North Pole, where there were goblins trying to disrupt and prevent Christmas from taking place.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Best Disney Christmas movies
The Christmas Chronicles 2 Best Disney Christmas movies

Noelle 2019

Noelle is a 2019 American Christmas film written and directed by Marc Lawrence, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Bill Hader plays Noelle’s brother – Santa’s daughter and the one who brings the Christmas spirit to everyone. When Santa Claus passed away, Nick Kringle took over his gift delivery duties.

Dates of Christmas – Best Disney Christmas movies

The content of the movie 12 Dates of Christmas (2011) revolves around Kate – a woman who goes on 12 dates to win back her ex-boyfriend. After many unexpected situations, she finally found the right person and enjoyed the joy of a peaceful Christmas night.

Each of us has had many dates and memorable love relationships. However, happiness only comes once in a lifetime if we know how to appreciate it. Therefore, 12 Dates of Christmas is like a reminder for couples to appreciate the loved ones by their side.

Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies is a 2009 direct-to-DVD film. The film is the fourth installment of the hit Air Buddies franchise as well as the ninth installment in the Air Bud franchise. It was released on November 24, 2009. Tom Bosley’s appearance in the film was his last role before his death.

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